Fitness is so much more than sculpted abs and a round booty. It’s about the capabilities your body has to sustain everyday living. It’s about how well your heart, lungs, and blood function together to keep you moving and alive. It’s about living your life while enjoying every step.

The "NLB" of NLBfitness stands for the “Now vs. Later Battle” we all face. We are constantly enjoying ourselves now and paying for the consequences later. One order of a double bacon cheeseburger burger, a serving of large fries, and XL soda won’t kill you, but if your repeat that on a weekly basis, it could.

NLBfitness wants to teach you about balancing your health (and sanity). We all have different lifestyles, but we can be healthy while enjoying everything this world has to offer. You should strive to enhance yourself everyday now, so you can be your best later. Honor your body by bettering it every chance you get.

Ready to conquer the battle of changing your life NOW instead of LATER?

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